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Say goodbye to poor, ineffective search snippets! Portent's SERP Preview Tool lets you see how your web page will display in search engine results pages (SERPs), helping you accurately describe your content, and improve click-through rate. Ready to jump in? You can start using the tool below, or read more to check out how it works and some existing limitations

Enter your title tag, meta description, and URL in the field below to see how they'll appear in an organic Google search result.
Use your website url, or whichever url you would like to preview. i.e. - example.com
Write title tags that describe the content.
0/80 Characters
0/545 Pixels
Use meta descriptions to describe your page content. Google uses relevant meta descriptions to create the snippet that describes your page in SERP listings.
0/160 Characters
Use keywords to mimic search terms that gets emphasized in Google's search results. Separate keywords with a comma.

How It Works

Input your title tag, meta description, and page URL to preview how they will show up in an organic Google search result. Add target keywords to mimic how they will be emphasized. Use the screen size filter to view your snippet on various devices. To make sure you get more accurate results, the tool measures title tags according to pixel length, not character count, just like the search engines do.

You can click on the question marks for more information on what to put in each field.

Things It Can't Do (Yet)

This tool will only demonstrate how your page will show up in a traditional "plain blue link" search result. You won't be able to see how page enhancements (like breadcrumbs or sitelinks search boxes) will look. And you won't be able to preview how your page will display as a rich result, with featured graphic images.

And, no matter how awesome your snippet is, there's still no guarantee Google won't rewrite it anyway.

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